21 Mar 2014

Rosanna Ogden - the-miracle-swimmer-for-whom-breathing-appeared-optional


The miracle swimmer for whom breathing appeared optional

Rosanna Ogden in 2012 Photo: ITV
The first time I saw Rosanna Ogden swim, I felt the beginnings of panic in my gut.
"Why isn't she coming up for air?" I thought, as she swam for what felt like an eternity beneath the surface. I kept asking myself: "Is she ok?"
A quick glance around the swimming pool in Bolton revealed I was the only person with any concern, because everyone else knew precisely what the talented 2-year-old was capable of.
Rosanna started swimming as a baby to recover from surgery Credit: ITV
Rosanna's talent was revealed after heart surgery as a baby. Doctors removed a tumour from her chest, and advised her parents to use swimming as part of the post-op recovery.
Rosanna swimming with her mother at age 2 Credit: ITV
The youngster was soon covering distances which swimming coaches could not believe for a child of her age. Charity sponsorship poured in, and she raised thousands of pounds for the British Heart Foundation.
You can see the first time ITV viewers were introduced to Rosanna below:
Two years on, and Rosanna has become one of the youngest children in the country to swim 400 metres.
As an achievement for a 4-year-old, it's remarkable. As an achievement for a child who almost lost her life to a heat tumour, it's astounding.
Rosanna with her 400m medal Credit: ITV

Rosanna Ogden - Bolton News - March 2014

Rosanna Ogden -  Bolton News - March 2014

4 Mar 2014

Rosanna Ogden - BHF Sponsored Swim August 2014 - Chorley

Rosanna Ogden -  BHF Sponsored Swim August 2014 -  Chorley

Rosanna Ogden - BHF Camberley Swim - 1st March 2014

Rosanna swam 16 length of 25m pool at Camberley, Thanks to Ben Hamlett who traveled all the way to south with us, he has confirmed Rosanna has achieved her 400m badge. Nigel Tottman BHF Camberley organizer has said Rosanna has been the youngest contestant for the 3rd year who swam 400m for BHF.

Rosanna Ogden -  BHF Camberley Swim - 1st March 2014

Rosanna Ogden -  BHF Camberley Swim - 1st March 2014

Rosanna Ogden -  BHF Camberley Swim - 1st March 2014

13 Feb 2014

Rosanan Ogden - Speedo, The Top Brand

Thanks to Speedo to look after Rosanna.

Rosanan Ogden - Speedo, The Top Brand

Rosanan Ogden - Speedo, The Top Brand